Draws posted

The draws are posted for this weekends trial at Glen's Valley.





2016 Judging Seminar

This years judging seminar will be held May 14, after the trial at Amo.




2016 Regional Elimination Final 6



Regional Champion- Ragin Cajun Athena-Angie Fishburn

1st Runner up- Ragin Cajun Zeus-Wayne Fishburn

2nd Runner up- Kickapoo Jack's Scout-Roger Parient

3rd Runner up- Norman's Stormin Ringo-Zach Norman

4th Runner up- Kickapoo Jack's Ranger-Roger Parient

5th Runner up- Norman's Stormin Liberty-Jim Norman





2015-2016 Indiana Region Highpoint: (R to L)

Winner Jeff Moore and Boone County Beer with 19pts.

T-2nd Athena/ Wayne Fishburn 18pts. 

T-2nd K-OS/ Junior Coke 18pts. 

T-4th Zeus/Fishburn 17pts.

T-4th Sioux/Parient 17pts.