2011 Regional

2011 Indiana Regional



The Final Four

1st Molly/Roger Parient

2nd Neon/John Garver

3rd Cassy/Roger Parient

4th Flash/Charley Parrett



In the blind for the Final Hour



The Final Hour at the starting line!



The Final 6 With Judges


Our Judges Nina & Jim Harmon

2011 Region High Point Winners


2011 Region High Point Winner

RIP/Pete Zeldenrust


2nd Place

Lucy/Scott Beckley

(Not Pictured)



3rd Place Tie

Zeus/Wayne Fishburn

Jazz/Bev McAdams



4th Place Tie

Lady & Mattie/Junior Coke



5th Place

Bonnie/Dave Tharp





Roger Parient & Dave Tharp



Scotty Bruer & Dave Chandler



Junior Coke & Rick Alexander



John Garver & Bob Felix



Roger Parient & Harold Smith



Jim Boomershine & Junior Coke



Wayne Fishburn & Jeff Moore



Charley, Donna Parrett & Chuck Payton



Pete Zeldenrust & Butch Jackson



Tim Fisher & Bob Turner