2013 Regional


2013 Regionals

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Final Four with Judges Ed Dooley & Rick Bertinetti

1. Brandy/Jeff Moore

2. Ranger/Roger Parient

3. Zeus/Wayne Fishburn

4. Ice/Scotty Bruer



Saturday Qualifying Round Placements (Right to Left)

1. Flash/Charlie Parrett

2. Ally/Brian McConnell

3. Kate/Zach Norman



2013 Region High Point Winner

Zeus Owned by Wayne Fishburn





2013 Region Highpoint Runner-Up

Brandy Owned by Jeff/Sara Moore




2013 Region Highpoint 3rd Place

Bugsy Owned by Pete/Henry Zeldenrust




2013 Region Highpoint 4th Place

Beer Owned by Jeff/Sara Moore





(Not Pictured)

2013 5th Place

Bear Owned by Bob Felix