Kennel Links - Looking for a great puppy or started gun dog? Maybe some professional gun dog training? Look no further than the kennels associated with the Indiana NSTRA Region. Check them out!

Dancing Dog Kennel

Jim & Bev McAdams

(765) 723-1338 Phone

(765) 376-7679


Hillcrest Kennel

Jim & Zack Norman

(217) 493-1180




Kickapoo Kennel & Preserve

Roger Parient

(767) 762-6132 Preserve

(317) 626-5447 Cell



 Montgomery Creek

Dave Tharp


Classifieds - Submit classifieds via email with a complete description and photos. Ads will be active for 60 days. Available for NSTRA Members only. Please provide current NSTRA member number with submission if outside the Indiana Region.


NSTRA Champion Frames Available.

NSTRA Champion frames are now available in both 10”x12” (for an 8”x10” image) and 7”x9” (for a 5”x7” image) customized with your dog’s name. They have an easel back and keyhole cut so they can be either hung on a wall or displayed on a table/desk. Please email Mike Kibby to order . In the email, please specify the size frame you would like and exactly how you would like your dog’s name to appear and the shipping address. Once your order is received an email will be sent to you with PayPal payment details. The large frames are $44.99/each + $9.00 for USPS shipping and the smaller frames are $35.99/each + $7.00 for USPS shipping. Arrangements can be made to pick them up at a MI Region trial with no shipping cost. Please feel free to call with any questions. (269) 252-3679

NSTRA Championship 10"x12" Custom Frame.